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The most effective method to accurately operate yours BT-7 guide 2 game Warthunder

A guide on the best way to transform your feeble BR 1.3 tank into a devastation machine, usable in up to BR 5.3 fights.


So you play the Soviet tree. In case you're similar to a considerable lot of us, you have looked into the BR 1.3 Light Tank from the get-go in the game. Presently, you've developed, looked into more and better tanks, and are stuck on investigating that one you're very amped up for. Yet, you need such a significant number of research focuses, and these fights are getting somewhat dull...

...Enter the BT-7 again. Whenever utilized right, this Rank I Light Tank can rule that war zone from far off, or brush the turrets off rivals at short proximity. This guide will encourage all of you have to think about the BT-7 and its potential in fight.

[NOTE] This guide is implied for the most part for Realistic Battles. Arcade is clear as crystal.

Nuts and bolts

So as to utilize the BT-7 in higher positioned fights, you'll need to guarantee that it has been redesigned. On the off chance that you have to, put your old vehicles once more into your loadout and partake in certain fights appropriate for its position.

When your tank is pushed to the limit, get once again into your customary range of familiarity and bring it into fight. Presently, the BT-7 isn't care for most different tanks as far as its speed - this tank is incredibly, quick. Notwithstanding, being a light tank, it has next to no protective layer and can be taken out effectively when spotted. What's more, to praise that, being BR 1.3, it might make some harder memories infiltrating some reinforcement than the tanks of individual rankings to the fight. For instance, the T-34E STZ stick one-shot a M6A1 from anyplace on the tracks. Be that as it may, the BT-7 may need to point in the corner to get a one-shot slaughter. One final thing: ALWAYS USE THE MOST POWERFUL SHELL. Utilizing a default shell will bring down your capacity to take out higher positioned vehicles. Since the nuts and bolts have been secured, how about we proceed onward to the great stuff.

Making up for Low Ranking

As expressed a few times beforehand, the BT-7 is just BR 1.3, just as being a Light Tank. This implies in fights where your tank is outranked, your ammunition burden can be obliterated as effectively as a hot blade through warm margarine. This implies you need to utilize this current tank's qualities in ground speed and reload time to counter its shortcomings in, well, for all intents and purposes everything else. This will be disclosed independently so as to show everything at its fullest. Beginning now, we move into how to utilize the BT-7 in higher-positioned battle.

BT-7 Tactics: Using Speed

The BT-7 is notable for its speed on the ground, maximizing at 37 mph. A tank in BR 4.3 (ie. the KV-1 ZiS-5) are much more slow. (The recently referenced tank can just arrive at 22.7 mph. Along these lines, exploiting the more slow turret cross speed on certain tanks, you can flash past streets and spot tanks heading towards or away from your position. On the off chance that you aren't acceptable with close battle circumstances, you can assist your group as a scout utilizing this technique. On the off chance that you are acceptable with or lean toward close battle, allude to Section 5: BT-7 Tactics: Reload Time and Close-Quarters Combat. Returning to speed, you can utilize the BT-7's fast turret navigate speeds joined with the nimble ground rates to skim past streets, and in case you're fortunate, get an immediate hit to any powerless vehicles sitting in the street. This can likewise be utilized to escape from tight spots. For instance, say you're going head to head against a Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H (A German BR 4.3-4.7 Medium Tank), and the adversary handles a hit directly on your turret. It takes out your Turret Horizontal Drive, Gunner, and Loader. While your firearm might be totally debilitated, your driver is as yet alive and your tracks are fine. You can utilize the tank's thin body furthering your potential benefit and haul directly out next to your rival. When their turret is pointed at where you used to be, you'll as of now be going to generate to securely fix your tank. When you're fixed, you can interfere with out to the war zone.

In any case, with a harmed tank, you'll likely get in a flash murdered. When your BT-7 is fundamentally harmed, it's ideal to be a scout. In synopsis, the speed of the BT-7 can be utilized to go undetected in exploring, preform attempt at manslaughter battle, and escape circumstances you couldn't as a rule escape from in different tanks (The M10 being a special case, however this is the Soviet tree we're discussing here.) Now, we should proceed onward to the following area.

BT-7 Tactics: Reload Time and Close-Quarters Combat

Snappy NOTICE: If you are a player that despises short proximity battle and likes to discover a vantage point and take out adversaries from a far distance, you should jump to Section 6: BT-7 Tactics: Long Range Combat.

Presently, for those like me who love getting into tight battle circumstances, this is the area for you. Things, for example, points of interest, strategies, and truly, even a smidgen of Russian Bias will be talked about. Beginning it off, we should discuss the favorable circumstances the BT-7 brings to the table in close battle. Most have been referenced in the past segment (Getting ceaselessly from rivals, attempt at manslaughter moves, exploring battle), yet an enormous one is restrictive to this segment. That is Turret Traverse Speed. The BT-7 has a remarkable cross speed contrasted with numerous higher positioned vehicles, which means you can pull up to the side of something like a M6A1 and take it out before it even focuses on you. Furthermore, with me saying that, you might be asking "Admirably, imagine a scenario in which you miss your shot it's as yet alive. What do I do since it's nearly got its turret pointed at me?" Well, I have the response to that as well, and it lies in a similar spot as the cross speed - the Reload Time. The BT-7 has a speedy reload time contrasted with practically any higher positioned vehicle you'll be facing, remaining at 3.8 seconds. (For correlation, the reload pace of the T-34E STZ is a strong 9 seconds.) You can exploit this fighting by revolving around an adversary so they won't have the option to hit you, and afterward as you circumvent them more than once terminating at them until they kick the bucket. In the event that the rival has a high cross speed, be that as it may, you can accomplish something I do about each match: when you detect an adversary, you quite often shoot them. Yet, in some cases, that shell skips or does nothing. All you'll receive in return is a tank in quest for you. When this occurs, locate a cornered off spot close to the zone and hang tight for them to come around. multiple times out of 10, they'll drive past your spot and see you, and when their firearm is pointed at you, there will be a shell as of now in their ammo burden and they'll detonate directly before you.

This isn't the best way to win in close battle, in any case. You can likewise surge past rivals and hit their sides, in all probability taking them out. This is moderately basic, as you should simply have your firearm pointed down a street you're going past, and as you pass by, if there's a tank in your sights, fire. On the off chance that that doesn't decimate them, you have 2 alternatives: either pivot and do it once more, or go around the rear of them and take them out. The primary choice is progressively risky, yet will chip away at certain events. This is the greater part of what you have to know in close battle in the BT-7, the rest is essential information on tanks. Presently we move into long range battle.

BT-7 Tactics: Long Range Combat

The BT-7 is much the same as some other tank as far as since quite a while ago ran battle. You locate a valid statement where it will be difficult to see you, trust that a foe will pass by, and fire at them. There's very little to state right now, than that it will be more enthusiastically to infiltrate foes right now, BR 1.3. Simply attempt to discover a spot not very far away, yet a far enough separation that you won't be spotted effectively, and play like you would some other tank.


Ideally, by perusing this guide, you've figured out how to utilize the BT-7 and push it as far as possible in fights where it typically wouldn't most recent a moment. Much obliged to you for setting aside the effort to understand this, and on the off chance that you need, if it's not too much trouble leave a rating and disclose to me how I could improve this guide (or considerably later ones!)

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