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Step by step guide to Farm/Get Astral Diamonds! in Neverwinter

Lets begin with certain proposals to get the vast majority of your cultivating.

- Be Lv70. Energetically prescribed to open a large portion of these.

- Get VIP, with this you get reward unpleasant AD and different advantages.

- Have quick mount, this is energetically prescribed to spare time a great deal.

- Save up certain things for Events, for example, 2x Profession Recources and 2x Enchantments and Runestones.

- Remember to summon to get Rough AD reward.

- Guild Boons

Utility: Treasure Hunter Boon, at rank6 and up you will get 2x calling recources.

Utility: Mount Speed Bonus

AH=Auction House

AD=Rough AD

Day by day Dungeons, Skirmish and PvP

Do your cells and Skirmish day by day with every one of your characters. Its simple AD. Try not to be lethargic.

Furthermore, PvP yet i'm certain a great many people won't do it.

I suggest running Cloac Tower multiple times with each character. Since its simple and quick.

Week by week Quests from battles. 4500 AD Each.

- Protectors Enclave: Portal to Tuern

- Well of Dragons: Reclaiming the Hoard

- Sharandar: The Arcane Reservoir [Thaumaturgic Stones are Bound to you]

- Mantol-Derith: Ballad of Baphoment [Need to have finished Maze Engine Campaign]

You additionally get Resonance Stone, sell at Auction House.

- Caer-Konig: Biggrin's Tomb

Every day Quests and Items to sell.


400 Rough AD and Lesser Resonance Stone, Sell at AH.

Drowcraft Pants and Shirt. You can purchase these from the battle store or conversing with Armor Dealer.

Not at all like other Drowcraft gear, these are not bound by pickup. So you can sell them at AH.


- 9 Lesser Thaumaturgic Stones and 3 irregular from sanctuary/cell Style mission. Sell all at AH.

- Potion of Heroism, costs 15 Cold Crescents. Sell at AH. Purchase from Thradisar Starwise.


- Craft things and Sell.

- Some proposals are Alchemy and Leadership.

With administration at Rank 21 you can get Refinment things that you can sell at AH.

With Alchemy you can make a few Professions Recources like Unified Elements.

Rescue Items.

What would you be able to rescue? Things you get from Epic Dungeons or underdark encounter.

You can rescue things like Alliance Armor, Underdark Rings and anything comparative.

How would you rescue? There is territories where you can rescue, close to rescue iron block.

There is place at Protectors Enclave, close Hieronymous Glim. At Seven Suns Market.

Right snap thing and it will have Salvage Option.

How you get them?

- Spend seals of components and Seal of Protector to purchase Alliance or Elven gear.

- You can spend Guild Marks for Guild rigging and rescue them.

- Underdark rings, strongly suggest cultivating Throne of Dwarven Kings for these.

- Glory, spend Glory on gear that you can rescue.

[Guild Marks]

- Spend your society stamps on Explorer's Cases. 3000 Guild marks for 1 Case.

What right? At the point when you open them you get a journey to find undiscovered assets. Guide will show where they are.

Sell whatever you get. Check AH about the Masterwork Professions things you can get.

Purchase the Case with the most benefit.

Areas for undiscovered recources

- Vellosk

- Whispering Caverns

- Mount Hotenow

- Pirates' Skyhold

There is likewise Traveling Merchant which sells some Masterwork Professions Items.

Those won't be bound to you so sell at AH.


- Get VIP. This is the best thing in the game on account of such a significant number of advantages the higher position you have. Lets see

Free Enchanted Key, only straight up benefit. Open Lockbox and sell whatever you get or dont need. Simple AD.

Free Epic Dungeon Chest Key, can find a good pace of these a day on all characters.

15% Bonus Rough AD for certain spots.

Gather Traveling Signpost, simple to travel. Try not to need to go around the spots any longer.

Conjuring anyplace.

Invulnerable to Injuries.

Gather rescue blacksmith's iron.

10% Salvage Bonus

No Auction Fees, the enormous thing you will require. Will spare such a lot of AD.

10% Bonus to XP, Glory and Profession XP.

For full advantages

Glorious Resurgence Lockbox.

You can get 30,000 Rough AD from these, and some Refinment things like Black Opals.

Promotion reward isn't that uncommon, I get this possibly every 1/3 prizes.

Wonderful Resurgence Lockbox.

Spare these, when other lockbox comes in others need these. They can sell somewhere in the range of 1,000 to 3,000 AD for 1 lockbox.

Occasions. Winter Festival, Halloween, etc.

Exploit these, a large portion of these have Professions for restricted time.

So sell callings stuff others need, costs will be high.

What's more, sell whatever compensates the occasion is giving at AH.

Auction House.

Purchase when costs are low and sell back when costs are high.

This can require huges sums AD to make enormous benefit. In any case, it will be gigantic wellspring of AD later.

Model: Buy refinment things some time before 2x Refinment focuses is coming. When its discharged, costs will be high.

Battle Task

- Make Enchantments and sell them at AH

For Example: Dragon's Hoard Enchantment, Fey Blessing Enchantment.

Enthusiastic and Celestial Coins.

- Buy elixirs and sell at AH. This is discretionary.

For Celestial Coins you have opportunity to get Coalescent Ward (Bound) so you should spare them.

With Ardent coins, there isn't generally whatever's important other than elixirs so get them.

Best Dungeon/Skirmish to cultivate?

Cell: Shore's of Tuern and Castle Never

Why Shore's of Tuern? Not excessively hard, simple to discover line.

Why Castle Never? Its got huge amounts of remunerations. You can even get Rank 8 Enchantments.

Also, opportunity to get Shard of Orcus which is worth 5-6Mil AD. Also, Underdark Rings.


Position of royalty of Dwarven Gods.

- Hand's down the best engagement to cultivate, simple and quick. A lot of players doing it.

Well this was my guide for how to cultivate/get Astral Diamonds. You can without much of a stretch get 200k AD in a day with only 1-2 characters alone. So in the event that you have more, the more benefit. :)

Ideally this was useful to you, in the event that you have any sort of criticism for the video or this guide don't hesitate to let me know. Be it positive or negative.

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