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Instructions to PLAY CROSSOUT guide to game

In the event that you need to realize how to win and play Crossout, this is the correct guide for you.

After this guide, you will comprehend the fundamentals and mechanics of Crossout.

2 Base GameMode

This is the " default " gamemode in CROSSOUT.

Catch the foe base.

1 Base GameMode

Crossout has a game mode where you see 1 base in the guide.

A few people may be comfortable with "Hardpoint" from various games.

First group who arrives at the base, become the aggressors.

- They should catch the base.

Second group who arrives at the base, become the protector.

- They should shield the base from the foe group, that needs to catch the base.

- Keep as a top priority, to stop the catch, you should have a bigger number of players from your group than the adversary group.

What makes you win?

Murdering Players

On the off chance that all foe players are dead you win.

Catching the adversary Base

Catching the adversary base will make you win.


Things that make you win when the time arrives at 00:00.

Your group has more players alive.

At the point when your group caught a greater amount of the adversary base.

What causes you to lose?

At the point when you pass on.

Attempt to remain alive as long as you can, yet in addition slaughter/harm foe players.

Losing your base.

Shield your base from foes who need to catch it.

In the event that you see a foe inside your base, go in the base, it will STOP the adversary from catching your base.


Things that cause you to lose when the time arrives at 00:00.

Your group has less players alive.

Foe group caught progressively base.

How to battle?

Murdering the foe

The lodge, is the " heart " of a vehicle. In the event that the lodge is demolished, foe bites the dust.

Shoting the foe lodge will show you a "yellow" and arrangements expanded harm to the player.

How to make adversaries futile?

Shot the adversary weapons, no weapons, no executes.

Fall to pieces

At the point when the adversary has no weapons, he would self be able to destruct.

In the event that you see a red squinting lodge = he will detonate in under 5s. = RUN!

You can likewise fall to pieces, hold the "delete" key till the circle is full.

- After initiating implosion, your vehicle will detonate in 5s.

- You can change "fall to pieces key in your choices". I would transform it, exceptionally valuable.

- *Tip: If you have all haggles drive, flee and go behind the adversary group. Enact the Self Destruction and "embrace" the adversary vehicle, you should be extremely close. It will do huge amounts of harm and you will kick the bucket, however the adversary will 90-95% pass on with you.*

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