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Game Guide Walkthroughs Strategy World of Tanks (WOT) - What Top tanks chose to pump for a beginner.

What "Top Ten"tanks to pump for a beginner.

In this guide, I will try to explain which X-level tank a beginner should explore first. [This is my subjective opinion and it may not match yours].

 Hello, in this guide I will try to explain briefly and clearly why it is this technique that I recommend to players who have just come into the game and are considering what to choose, since there are many X-level tanks at the moment are involved. Let's get started.
 There will be no branches of pumping equipment such as LT and PT in this manual as you will need to have experience in the game to master it. I also don't recommend going straight to tanks with "tree trunks" such as B.: KV-2, SU-152, ISU-152 and FV215b (183), since this technology was developed for the fan. It can be pumped in once you have explored at least one X-level tank. "Logger" is an expression for a large-caliber tank cannon with high damage and good tank penetration on HE or HESH grenades.

USA Tech Research Tree

The US technology is good at it: • Has good maneuverability • Good penetration on conventional shells • Good tower reservation (usually the front part) • Good accuracy and stabilization You will learn these indicators: • Play with the tower armor • Heal weaknesses and NLD (Lower Frontal Part) of enemy equipment Of the whole tree, one of two branches can be recommended for pumping: T110E5 and M48 Patton.


A heavy X-tier tank has medium maneuverability, which is characteristic of tanks of this type. The penetration of the weapon on tank grenades is 10 inch, which is pretty good, and this indicator precludes the use of "gold" grenades for this tank. The reservation of the front part is 8 inch at a right angle, which is very good as they won't hit you there, but this tank has 3 weak points where I will hit you constantly: • Commandant tower on the tank tower • The back of the tower • case When playing on this tank, you should not be shown your body and you should not leave enemies behind the tank. Conclusion: The tank is recommended for pumping because you can play with a similar technique on the way and learn all important aspects of the game.

M48 Patton

The medium X-level tank has balanced properties. Penetration into (conventional) sub-caliber grenades is 9.8 inch, which is less than that of its "heavy" brother, but this is offset by high damage per minute and medium accuracy. This tank has a good reservation of the front part of the tank, but the sides and the rear have no armor and can catch highly explosive grenades in some cases. The tank's maneuverability is average, but this is enough to "turn" the heavy tank and move along the flanks. Conclusion: This tank can be downloaded by a beginner, but this branch can be described as "complicated" for the top ten. Germany technology tech tree German technology is good at: • Has good volume reservations • Outstanding accuracy for small and medium caliber pistols

When you play this technique, you will learn the following: • Replace the armor of the tank correctly • Heal weaknesses in enemy equipment I can recommend branches from a fairly extensive research tree: E 100 and E 50 M.

E 100

The heavy tank of the X level has impressive armor and a good additional weapon. But it has almost the worst maneuverability on the level. This massive tank has very strong armor that the enemy will not pierce with a "golden" shell in some places. However, if you stand on it in front of the enemy, you have to turn the hull and turret a little to the right or left so that the enemy shell bounces off the armor or simply does not penetrate the weak points of the tank. E 100 has two cannons: • The main cannon 5 inch Kw.K. 44 L / 55 (damage 460 / penetration 246) • Additional gun 6 inch Kw.K. L / 38 (damage 640 / penetration 258) From the numbers, we immediately see that the additional equipment is much better than the main equipment, but has poorer accuracy and a long reload time. Conclusion: A good tank and all of its research that only teaches you how to replace the enemy with armor so you can live as long as possible.

E 50 M

The X-tier medium tank has an accurate weapon, good armor, and medium maneuverability. This tank offers balanced performance. You also have to recover from the armor, however, from the front, since the armor on the sides and in the rear is only 3.1inch. The weapon will please you with excellent accuracy and damage of 350 units, but has a poor penetration of 9.6 in, which is why you have to aim every hatch at the enemy equipment and not just shoot the tank in the hope that you will punch through them. Maneuverability is average. Conclusion: E 50 M is a well balanced tank that teaches you aspects of the game, but the tank research branch is quite difficult. Technology research tree of the USSR The equipment of the USSR is good in the following points: • Has good "magic" armor • Excellent maneuverability • Good shell penetration of the grenades The players call the "magic" armor the armor of Soviet technology, which can repel grenades for unknown reasons.

When you play this technique, you will learn the following: • Replace the front part of the armor • Heal weaknesses on small and medium weapons. • Play on the "destructors" "Destructors" are weapons with average damage of 400 units and low accuracy. Beginners can be offered two branches from a relatively large research tree: IS-7 and T62-A (Ob. 140)


A heavy X-level tank with good maneuverability and strong armor. This masterpiece of tank construction of the USSR will please every beginner because the tank is well balanced and is one of those who forgive mistakes. The front armor of the IS-7 can reject any non-gold shell. Sideways bowls often fall into the Gusli without damaging the tank itself. The weak point of this tank, like everyone else, is the lining. The tank has a weapon with a penetration of 10 in, which is quite high. Average damage is 460 units, but the weapon is a "destructor", indicating poor accuracy and a long reload time. Conclusion: In my opinion, IS-7 is the best option for beginners, since the entire research area is at an average level and is perfect for beginners. "I am not writing information about the IS-4 because its branch is one of the most difficult if you have not pumped the IS-7 before.

T62-A and object 140

Tier X medium tanks, owners of the best armor among tanks in their class, excellent maneuverability and medium guns. These two acrobat brothers have weapons that could be called good if they don't lack armor penetration and HEV (vertical aiming angle). The cannons of these tanks usually cannot fall and the penetration is very low: • At Ob.5.5-9.5 inch, but has a better rate of fire. • T62-A - 9.6 inch. It follows that because of the lack of penetration we have to use the gold and because of the lack of UVN we have to roll the whole body onto the enemy, but in good hands the tank can show incomparable results. We can say about the armor that both tanks have practically no penetrating turret and a strong forehead of the fuselage, which sometimes allows us to "armor" enemy grenades. Conclusion: These two tanks can be recommended to a beginner because the branch fully teaches you to play on Soviet CTs. However, it is recommended that you already have experience in the game as there can be difficulties. Research Tree UK, Japan, China and France The technique of the above nations is not suitable for beginners as these tank research trees are good for players who have pumped out at least 2-3 Tier X tanks. For example: French tanks, the T57 Heavy branch and some representatives of the USSR and Japan (MT-25, IS-3 Defender, Chi-ri etc.) have a drum, which is unusual for a new player as it is at the moment the only ones are tanks with this mechanism. epilogue I hope my guide helped you choose a branch of research because I chose tanks that new players could use to see all the mechanisms of the game and gain experience for the game. Thank you for your attention =)

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